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Featuring appearances by Hollywood actors Slaine, (“The Town” and “Killing Them Softly”), and Jay Gianonne (“The Departed” and “Safe”),  A LITTLE PUSH is a dramatic short film/music video written, directed , produced, and edited by Jeremy Jed Hammel (Winner, Best Comic-Related Film — Comic Con 2010).  It stars Skinny Cavallo (as himself) and effervescent newcomer Sarah Duncan.  The film is inspired by the song of the same name by Skinny Cavallo.

The story of the song is very personal to Skinny as it tells the tale of his longtime struggle with substance abuse, success, and the deaths of his friends due to their lifestyle.  Hammel is developing the story for a feature-length film and is seeking production partners for it.

A Little Push by Jeremy Jed Hammel

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Skinny is a man at a crossroads in his life.  After a chance encounter with a stranger, he looks back on his life and the choices that he has made. The memories of his past begin to blend together with his present, with what he imagines his life could have been if he made different choices, and with the future lives he could lead moving forward.  The only constant in his visions is his relationship with Julie ‘Jules’ de Goncourt, a woman who reminds him that the the only thing that is real is the connection shared between two people.

And as the quote goes: ‘Everything is unique, nothing happens more than once in a lifetime. Nothing is repeated, and everything is unparalleled.”

On set with L-R Wylie, Ricky, Slaine, Jeremy, Jay, Skinny, Amadeus

“A Little Push,” also features rappers, Amadeus The Stampede and Ricky Mortis.  The song is featured on the soundtrack for the short film, “Once Again,” starring Dennis Hurley (“1.21 Gigawatts” and “The Albino Code”).

The song was produced and arranged by Boston hip-hop legends Matty Trump and Dickie Skinz.

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Jeremy Jed Hammel - A Little Push

Jeremy Jed Hammel directing a scene for “A Little Push” (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Love it skinny man!!!!!! Miss you!

  2. erik gordon · · Reply

    Dickie Skinz,Jay Gianonne,Slaine,Skinny Cavallo, my bean town boys in effect! keep up the grindin!

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